SEM VS SEO, which is the best marketing strategy? Is there even a difference between SEM and SEO?

Indeed these two marketing strategies seek to fulfill the same outcome, driving quality leads to your business, but that’s as far as the similarities go. Here are five major differences between the two so as to settle the SEM VS SEO debate once and for all. But first, what do these two acronyms mean?

• SEM: Search Engine Marketing is an umbrella term used for all paid methods of driving traffic to your website.

• SEO: Search Engine Optimization mainly deals with improving your visibility on the internet by implementing strategies that make search engines deem your site or page as valuable enough to place in the top ranks of SERPs. This drives organic traffic, as opposed to paid traffic that comes through SEM.

Let’s take a closer look at these two powerful marketing strategies and see their major differences and how you can effectively use each one.

SEM VS SEO – Understanding the 5 Differences
Let’s go ahead and delve into the 5 differences between SEM and SEO. Understanding these differences will help you carry out an effective marketing strategy to get the right kind of traffic you need to your website.

1. SEO Needs a Website While SEM Doesn’t
When it comes to delineating SEM from SEO, one major factor that helps separate the two is the fact that SEO is heavily dependent on your website, while an SEM campaign doesn’t need a website for it to succeed (although a good website is highly recommended).

For more insights on the 5 differences read the full article here.

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